Vast6 FAQs

Q: How long does it take to deploy the VAST6?

Q: Can you put more students in the VAST6 than its occupancy rating?

Q: Can the VAST6 be painted any color?

Q: Can a “white board” be attached to the VAST6 door?

Q: Why did BIG 6 LLP choose ballistic material instead of the normal steel products for similar items and uses?

Q: Is the VAST6 fireproof?

Q: Does FEMA approve, endorse, or certify any products?

Q: Does FEMA verify or certify design calculations published by manufacturers for their products?

Q: Can a contractor be certified by FEMA to install FEMA safe rooms?

VAST6 has US and International Patents Pending

Find out more about the VAST6 and how it can protect the most important part of out lives...our children!